Since comics has become a regular part of my week, I thought to combine it with my love for blogging. Also, if I want to become a better writer, I’ll need to actually do that in addition to my reading. Finally, I thought it would be perfect to encourage my friends to read comics, especially now that Marvel & DC have made leaps onto big screen. Marvel has had more success, but we shall see if DC adapts in the future.

The world of comics is vast and characters’ rich histories intimidate new readers. Though I consider now the perfect time to start. It’s been less than a year since DC’s Rebirth and last Marvel wrapped up its major event, Civil War II. This means that basic groundwork has been laid for some of your DC favorite characters and also for ones you may be more curious about. Although you may have to do more research with Marvel, some new series are starting.

I’ll save my reviews of  each event for a different post, but I’ll be sharing what I read on a biweekly/monthly basis.


  • Green Lanterns
  • Detective Comics
  • Titans
  • Nightwing
  • Red Hood & The Outlaws


  • Champions