When I first heard of All Star Batman, in theory it sounded brilliant. Scott Snyder, highly known for his work on New 52 Batman, would tell stories with artists best fit for the villain.This series would also leave the city of Gotham, giving Snyder room to expand on the character. His first arc was revolved around Two-Face. I’ll review the entire first five issues as a whole in another post. This one is unrelated for the majority of it.

In this one, Batman meets Mr. Freeze and the narration is some of the best I have ever read. Maybe because there are literary elements that you can’t see in speech bubbles, but Snyder impresses more with this issue than previous ones for me. The art has a darker palette and is appropriate for the cold world that you’re venturing into. The intensity is maintained and this conclusion hurts because you don’t know when it will happen.Snyder has decided to put other villains after this, rather than continuing. You’re hoping that when it returns, the momentum is not lost.

Spoilers Warning

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The introduction felt flawless and the poem was beautiful. I am kinda biased toward the issue because of that alone. Yet, the story is told in a way which feels more like a novel. The images make the words more powerful. I am hoping that it’s not too long of a wait to return to this story. This one was worth the price. All Star Batman is the most expensive Rebirth title at the moment at $5 monthly.

Duke’s story continues, but there is much to be desired in his trials. I want to see what separates himself from all of Batman’s allies. We don’t really get to see that in this Cursed Wheel. Though the concept sounds awesome to imagine freely.


5 Stars