It’s still mostly DC for me. Their writing has been superb and I haven’t found much to bring me to Marvel besides Kamala Khan and Riri. That could all change in the future though.

Green Lanterns #15

Green Lanterns has grown on me. It had a slow first arc, but this series become one of my favorites. The dynamic between Jessica Cruz and Simon Baz is familiar to those of us watching two different personalities collide. This filler issue was amazing and I will be posting a review of it shortly.

Invincible Iron Man #2

Since the newest #3 is out today, I thought to pick up last month’s and decide whether or not I will follow the saga of Riri Williams. The first one wasn’t bad.

JL vs SS #5 of 6

JL vs SS has so far been a fun ride. It may not have all the action you could hope for, but it’s entertaining to me. Surprisingly, the tie-in issues have all been pretty good, adding depth to the story rather than just making it a battle of two teams. Also, there are less than Civil War 2, making it more wallet friendly. With one more to go in the crossover event, I am excited for the conclusion. There are implications that will lead to future titles such as JLA (Justice League of America).

Nightwing #13

This has been one of my favorites and the art style by Marcus To is refreshing after being accustomed to a certain style. In two weeks, this second arc will conclude.