DC Rebirth’s first big event is a clash between the Justice League and the Suicide Squad. The hype of two super teams facing off is hard to meet, especially given that it could be something that could change the fates of main characters.

What brings these two to fight? Amanda Waller offers them an ultimatum. Defeat the Justice League to move forward and complete their mission or die. Just as the film, there are explosives implanted into their brains, giving Waller leverage on some of the world’s deadliest criminals. But there’s much more going on and you’ll have to read to find out.

There’s six issues and 5 tie ins.

Did I find this entertaining?

Yes. There’s plenty of action and the plot is actually thicker than whatever I described. But it’s hard to give much more without spoiling.

Is there room for improvement?

Given the stakes, there probably could have been a better end sequence. Yet, it’s enough to make me forget about the what transpired for months in Civil War 2. Some characters get left behind in development, but there’s always time for Batman.


The art for the series is consistently good, but there are issues with different artists, so expect quality to change between.

Are Tie Ins essential?

To me, they are worth reading as they add more to the story and aren’t wasteful.

Should you buy it?

If you want some pop corn fun level reading, straight forward plot, and action to fill the pages, then I recommend it.

But if you’re looking for something more complex with action to match, I believe that you would be disappointed.

Not a bad start DC. Let’s see what you do in the future.