This week brought the last issue to be collected in Champions Vol. 1 Change the World


Gwenpool appears and if you’re a fan that alone may entice you to pick it up. Gwenpool is not to be confused with Deadpool nor Gwen Stacy. She actually has no super powers, but an extensive knowledge of the Marvel Universe.

The first panel shows a mosque being burned and given recent events, it’s jarring to find connections between fiction and the reality. Remember that writers work on this well in advance. Nonetheless, this goes along with previous issues of injustices going on around the world.

What I have liked most about Champions is that I believe it can encourage readers to stand up to ignorance. It’s become hard to turn a blind eye to politics regardless of its effect on you.

Without spoiling the issue, I think that there are good intentions. Yet, even then I think the plot for this issue wasn’t outstanding. The most important argument has to be that evidence is important in any accusation. That cannot be denied in what has been tossed around as facts. I was looking for the purpose of Gwenpool and it eluded me until I read other people’s insights. While I do not know if she’ll be a great team member, she cannot be ignored.

For now, I think I’ll have to drop Champions, but I wish Mark Waid and Humberto Ramos luck in future issues.

However, I have to praise the first five issues for giving a voice to the next generation. Highly recommend picking up #1 and  let me know if you like the series.