The Sandman is a critically acclaimed series from Neil Gaiman. Because of my association with super heroes, I’ve forgotten that graphic novels can tell different stories. If you’re looking for a reason to pick it up, Joseph Gordon Levitt wanted to be part of the film adaptation.

Despite its slow start,  you will find yourself intrigued by The Sandman. The myth of the man who puts you to sleep has been expanded into a tale that you will not forget. That concept alone had me turning the page eagerly awaiting his next move.

DC fans will appreciate cameos from some superheroes and villains. The graphic novel can also take dark turns, but keeps you entertained. I have to read further volumes, but it was a nice break from the stories I’ve been reading lately.

For the story alone, I have to give it a high rating. Though the art may not up to date, it’s unnecessary given the tone.