For those who haven’t read issue #1, you can find my review under the same tag.

I think the hype surrounding the newest movie gave me an overwhelming amount of excitement as I breezed through the entire comic. Both teams face off in a predictable fashion, but I saw some old childhood relics, the Zords. They look gorgeous under Byrne.

This issue introduces DC’s villain and he’s someone that you’ll want to keep in memory if you have never met him before. How this will work with Zedd by the end of the run will probably something we know all too well. Yet, I don’t want to get ahead of myself because there is still more to be told.

By the end of the issue, the good guys determine that they are attacking the wrong people. The next one looks to be action packed, but what type of interactions will we see?

Power Rangers Justice League may feed the inner child, but those craving a brand new story will have to look elsewhere for now. I wouldn’t call Taylor’s writing clumsy, but you can only get so much out of each character when you have twelve protagonists.

I am keeping my optimism for the series as it continues into June. This is what I need between the darker, more solemn material of DC.