Red Hood and the Outlaws Vol. 1

Release Date: May 2017

This volume will feature the seven issues in this picture. The #0 issue is in my Top 3 origins from Rebirth.
Story: Red Hood enters the Gotham underworld by working with Black Mask. Along the way, he meets Artemis and Bizarro.
Together they make the Dark Trinity that Batman, Wonder Woman, and Superman could never be. This is how they meet.

Art: Gandini excels with the darker tone of Lobdell’s story. Soy has no poorly drawn figures here and action to prevent all the interaction between from being dry. They make a great combo.

What makes this different from other teams is that they are far from heroic. They are cast in entirely different shadows. This is where they can make their mark though. Surprisingly, I found more humor in this than expected. Jason’s wittiness is matched by Artemis. Bizarro is a character that you know little about, but you’re curious how he will fit into the mix.
It’s a shame that I have to wait for this series once a month rather than biweekly, but well worth it. I cannot stress enough how much I enjoyed reading this and it’s a group of antiheroes.

Congratulations Lobdell on making a consistently great comic from issue to issue.



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