Collects FCBD and #1-6

Captain America has never had such a controversial move as when Nick Spencer turned him into a Hydra agent. People denounced the choice for altering Cap’s integrity and values. It was considered a slap in face for his fans. Originally, I had no plans to read, but followed the recommendation upon hearing it would change my perception of Civil War 2.

For those who love Captain America, it’s hard to follow him fighting alongside Nazis, but Spencer provides reasoning for what happened. It may seem underhanded, but it’s telling of how events in your life shape you. Spencer gives a convincing story of Steve’s transformation and I am curious to see where this path leads him.

The art from some Marvel titles contrasts to DC in terms of realism. They definitely look to make their characters fit a different medium. I think that the colors don’t blend as well especially when looking at faces.

Regardless, Nick Spencer has a storyline that is hard to pass up once you start reading. I look forward to what transpires from now until Secret Empire. Finally, for those disappointed with Civil War 2, this series will sweeten it a little bit for you along with The Oath, which he also wrote.