It took  me three weekends to finally see my favorite superhero on the big screen in a solo LEGO title.

LEGO Batman is a film you never knew you needed. This is also how I felt after watching The LEGO Movie (2014). These were made for kids, but there’s plenty of laughs and entertainment for Batman fans and adults. Some of it can come over the top when it comes to Arnett’s Batman. However, it’s perfect when you think of how The Caped Crusader really is in any other medium.

The writers find a way to combine humor with psychology. While LEGO Batman may have everything in his possession, it doesn’t take the place of his missing parents. This is where the lovable, cloying Richard Grayson (Michael Cera) enters. Their second meeting is only fitting of the macho LEGO Batman.

The Joker could never be the psycho one, but one only Zack Galifianakis could play. Silly, clever, and maniacal all at once. The Batman/Joker relationship is explored in a different manner, but quite hilarious. Rosario Dawson is our Barbara Gordon and more mature than what most fans are used to. However, she’s a perfect balance to Arnett’s person. Lastly, Alfred is who every Batman needs. Polite as Alfred Pennyworth and sharp, quick-witted Alfred when he’s concerned with Bruce Wayne.

Overall, the movie was what I wanted and maybe more in rather heart warming moments toward the end. I won’t spoil anything without warning you.

Everything is awesome 2.0





I felt that LEGO Batman took a smart way of arranging the plot. Normally, you build up to one massive showdown. Instead, you have this crazy rogues gallery  introduction which fails, so you need to up the ante. This is where the writers were smart in bringing pop culture villains capable of breaking the Bat and that can only be done in the LEGO universe. Everyone from Sauron to King Kong wreaking havoc on Gotham all at once.

I found myself loving the Batman easter eggs. They made references to every film and every run that I could remember even if it was for a quick second. I especially enjoyed the flashing words from Batman 66′. I expect DC fans to enjoy the gesture and care into it all.

We explore a fear that people have when they have no one left, loneliness. It was fortunate that feeling didn’t linger for long. I can’t remember Batman Forever too well, but I don’t think the adoption process was anywhere near as emotional or humorous as it was in this movie.

The writers did a great job examining The Dark Knight in that he’s not a great guy at times. He can be manipulative and abrasive to his teammates. Yet, they show that he ultimately cares for his family. That’s why you have to respect his actions.

I think every Batman fan should check out LEGO Batman. It’s smart, funny, and an ode to the past and present of The Caped Crusader.