So I haven’t reviewed anything from the main Batman title. However, King has grown on me in this third maybe fourth story arc. His first attempt with Bane felt lacking or out of character. You questioned why Bane desperately needed Psycho Pirate. Yet, this issue has defined him to be more than a worthy adversary known for his brute strength and matching intellect.

King and Finch seamlessly compare their lives. I never knew of his suffering in full detail, though his history has been retold according to other people. You almost think to how singular events can shape you in ways you could never predict. That is all I can say. Bane looks not only monstrous, but determined to get Psycho Pirate back and break the Bat.

The showdown will continue in further issues. I am excited for Kings plans. He still has to work on dialogue but it could be used to dramatic effect. Finch continues to impress me with his style and the art continues to maintain the tone that Batman requires.

Keep it up King.





Bane cannot be content being bested twice by the Dark Knight and company. You can expect him to come back stronger than this. It’s surprising to see Batman taking hit after hit. Also, Catwoman being caught was all part of the plan after all.

I know Bane has been slightly rewritten. Yet I applaud the need to mirror Bruce rather than be the complete opposite. I don’t believe that Batman will become incapacitated in the near future. Yet, I couldn’t believe how many hits he took and all he could show for it is a smile. It’s not a side you see, savoring in the other’s defeat.

When villains are written with emotion, we see that they are not one dimensional characters. They are people who are driven by horrible circumstances. It’s not to say that their actions are excusable, but they chose a path they felt sensible.

Solicitation Spoilers

In the coming issues, it’s been said that a drastic event will happen in the finale. I don’t plan to place on my bets on any of the Robins considering they are all part of the series.

The next cover looks to be one of the best.