Before watching Logan, I wanted to read the graphic novel that inspired it all. There will be a noticeable difference in the characters part of the main plot due to MCU restrictions. Both are set in a dystopia and involve dangerous cargo.

A world where the US is divided following an incident leaving villains in control across the country and The Banners in the West. By this time, Logan has a family of his own and a farm. He is living a much simpler life from his days as Wolverine. There will be a chilling flashback informing the reader what brought him there and explains his choice to be a pacifist.

In this region, the Banners collect rent every month or else. They aren’t exactly kind and are portrayed as Southern hicks.Unable to make due, Logan finds himself on a mission with an old friend, Clint aka Hawkeye. You’re in for a ride as the team faces notorious threats from the Marvel Universe.

You can only imagine what that entails, but the sequences will captivate your attention and the drama will have you in awe. This is the beautiful storytelling of Millar and McNiven helps keep the tension high with each panel. You will find familiar faces, toys, and dread. This is not how reality is, but for heroes you cannot expect their lives to ever be the same again.

When all is said and done, you will feel satisfied. There is an opportunity for the series to continue, but I think it ends on a perfect note from this team. We’ll see if I get any chance to continue with Jeff Lemire’s take from last year.I am not sure if it picks off exactly where this run ends.

Sometimes I wonder if I’m too generous with my reviews. It’s possible that I respect the craft so much and understand the work that it takes. However, this is critically acclaimed and filled with fun, edge of your seat type stuff. You do not have to read this to make sense of the movie, but it sure would be cool if they could have adapted more of the elements from the source.



Spoilers to Follow

It was heartbreaking seeing what left Logan beside himself after having a family in the X-Men. It almost seemed like a cruel joke. It was a bloody, devastating mess seeing their faces lifeless and bodies piled. When you lose your friends, the only sensible decision is to stop fighting altogether and not risk hurting anyone.

As all the danger unfolds, you find it hard to believe that all of this is actually happening. It seems to just get worse and worse. I love all the villains we come across. I also think it was kinda cool to see the past relics of Spider-Man, Captain America, and Iron Man as part of the main story. It’s unfortunate that Wolverine couldn’t get what he wanted from the mission at all. Clint’s death is hearbreaking to say the least considering their bond brought them across the country. His death was for a dream that humanity could still be saved from tyranny.

Of course, that feeling couldn’t be left alone when he came back to see his farm razed and family dead. The Bruce Banner portion gave me a slight pit in my stomach, but it’s fitting for a dystopia. We find Wolverine as close to full force since adopting Logan in  an unforgettable climax.

Although I cannot expect the same type of drama in Logan, it seems that there will be plenty to appreciate in the acting, action, and possibly even the score. Good job to Marvel for finding a story to give Jackman a proper exit.

I should have a review for Logan.