Green Lanterns has grown into one of the best series from DC Rebirth. In comparison to Hal & GLC, Humphries has taken it upon himself to expand on the mythos. The second arc revolved on The Phantom Lantern, while this arc is focused on the first Lantern, Volthoom.

Volthoom was a scientist who was trying to save his own world. His journey ultimately brought him to life of misery for billions of years. Given freedom, he plans to unleash hell on the Guardians of the Universe.

Humphries has done an excellent job at defining villains. I think that’s what makes a great writer. He not only understands the hero, but his/her adversary. Flat characters are nowhere near as rewarding as one you can sympathize with.

Rocha does a phenomenal job at this origin story. Volthoom looks terrifyingly creepy and seeing his progression is depressing. However, we’ll see what evolution will occur by the end of this story.

I would highly recommend jumping on this arc.




This is the second time you feel for the villain. Humphries takes that shred of humanity that makes villains from ordinary people. You actually want to dislike the Guardians of the Universe. Yet there is plenty of mystery regarding what actually happened to him after being experimented on. I hope they elaborate more on what led to his imprisonment.