Wally West is the third generation of The Flash. Barry Allen served as his mentor up until Crisis of Infinite Earths, whereupon he took the mantle himself. In the New 52, Wally was completely out of the picture. Following his return from the Speed Force in DC Universe Rebirth, he intends to reconnect with his old friends, the Titans.

These seven issues including the one shot are centered on the former Kid Flash. He has been part of the Rebirth mystery and has been missing in action for years, so this was a treat for his fans. Wally is aware of a greater force responsible for a gap in the timeline. Whether or not the Titans can solve it, will be something to watch in upcoming issues. You should also look out for a Batman/The Flash crossover The Button.

This volume features a Titans reunion, a race against time, and sufficient fight sequences. When reading issue to issue, it felt inconsistent. Some were good and some fell short at a time when I wanted to know what happens next. When put together, the story flows easier. Abnett does have his work cut out for him since he is on Aquaman as well.

When compared to other titles, Titans doesn’t feel as polished art wise. Booth’s designs aren’t bad, but his figures and facial expressions look strange though dynamic. Sometimes the colors can be overwhelming. I’m not mad at you though, Dalhouse. The style is what belongs in comics. 

The first part of the Titans is meant to rekindle what was missing. To see the team all together and to look forward to where they go next. The reason why you should follow Titans is because it has heroes you know from Young Justice and it’s only going to get more exciting when May comes. We will be seeing something related to the Judas Contract. You know what that means.

Spoilers Ahead

To be honest, I found the villain choice slightly underwhelming. I was whelmed. However, it was probably better that Johns picked someone who could contribute to the mystery. We also need to see the team grow given a new member was just added. Plus, there will be some more familiar faces in the future.

I am excited for tomorrow’s issue. I have to read Titans Hunt still.