A much anticipated teaser to The Last Jedi is finally here. I have nearly forgotten that the film is due for December release. I want to predict a full trailer by the time Guardians of the Galaxy 2 is out (May 5). The moment Disney revealed the ominous title, I surmised that this will end with the death of Luke Skywalker and Rey as the only. However, this makes his fate a little more promising for now.

From the last film, The Force Awakens, we know that the Jedi failed under the guidance of Skywalker. He never restored the order to the level of the prequels and this eventually led to his own apprentice embracing the dark side and joining the Knights of Ren.

To me, this teaser feels like an evolution of the how The Force can be interpreted. Rather than we have known as the dichotomy of The Jedi and The Sith, there is a balance. What this exactly means is what some fans know as gray area. However, nothing can really be confirmed. What we do know is that the script made Abrams wish he was still on the project.

Of course, I cannot forget the other characters. We see Kylo Ren in battle without his helmet and Finn recovering. There looks to be more galactic fights and I am all for the epic action sequences between lightsaber duels and plot.

We’ll find out everything this Christmas. Until then, may The Force be with you.