The big mystery surrounding the third season was the identity of Savitar. They were able to milk it all the way until now and yet somehow I still enjoyed it. When the God of Speed was first introduced, I didn’t think that this would be a great villain. Sure, he was fast, but he felt like every other speedster out there, just fast enough to beat The Fastest Man Alive. The tragedy he brought to Barry Allen would make him more interesting. Yet the reveal felt like a payoff.

Theories were going around with Eddie, H.R., Wally West, Ronnie and even Barry himself. But why would Eddie kill Iris if to not get back at Barry? H.R. would not feel natural given the actor played the villain. Wally killing his own sister would be cruel but who knows how being trapped in the Speed Force is like. Ronnie was someone who Caitlin would trust and his fate has not been disclosed. Then there’s Barry who has messed with the timeline only to hurt people around him. I actually picked Cisco because he was affected by Flashpoint. It led to him losing his arms against Killer Frost and loved ones. Plus, he could have made the suit.
If you haven’t seen the newest episode, do not scroll any further



The Flash decided to adapt a storyline from the comics and recreate Future Flash. Yes, Barry Allen is Savitar. It has shock value, shows how evil Barry is, and creates a lot of questions. Why kill Iris? If only to make The Flash stronger. Another guess is that the timeline changed for the worse and to make his past self suffer as much as the future. I don’t know how this could lead to Frost trusting him from the get go. Now that the reveal is out, we shall see the reasoning behind Savitar. Do you wanna know how he got those scars?