Deathstroke is an infamous villain in the Teen Titans TV show as well as in Arrow. The Greatest Assassin has a dark history and a code to maintain to along with his enhanced reflexes and superhuman tactical skills . With a critically acclaimed writer, Christopher Priest, the series has proven to be one of the best from DC Rebirth. It was even nominated for an Eisner award. However, my warning to you is that this series is not as straightforward, mostly because he’s not a hero. But owning the volume will allow you to revisit and see the depth that was taken to flesh out Slade Wilson. And yes for those of you don’t know. He probably inspired Wade Wilson AKA Deadpool.
The opening  political plot is far from familiar to casual superhero fans. Deathstroke primarily cares about money and his contracts. From there, it expands into his history as a father and an operative with best friend Wintergreen. It’s not until we meet his daughter, Rose Wilson, that we see how being a parent to a daughter can make him more likeable if not more interesting. The reason for contact is that a contract has been put out to kill her. So what better way to protect his daughter than to hang out and eventually meet Batman?

It’s hard to entice you more without spoiling, but when you pay attention to the story it’ll be worthwhile. Plus, the art is phenomenal. It’s probably some of the best I have seen and Carlo Pagulayan makes me proud to be Filipino. Not just his work, but the detail and coloring from Paz and Cox helps supplement Priest’s run.

If there was anytime to find out more about Deathstroke and how he’s a one of a kind father figure, this is where you start. The plot thickens in later issues and it’ll pay off for you as a reader.

Also, I had a great experience meeting him at NYCC. He answered my question about the now retired event, The Lazarus Contract. Plus, he signed my comic book. Creators that care about their fans is always a plus.

For those of you who have read the run here are my after thoughts

My first round I felt that I was reading it and counting on my mind to put the pieces together by the next issue and before I knew it I said, I’ll just keep going because everyone says it’s good.

This second time with maybe ten minutes per issue shows my poor reading comprehension. However, I definitely felt that threads came together.

Deathstroke really shows the strength of being a man of few words. He lets his action do the talking, his twisted moral compass, and his assassin’s code. Priest has made him much more than the villain from Teen Titans or in the DC Animated Original Movies. It’s also really cool how much I’ve learned about how he’s half blind and more about his family history, especially Jericho.

I hope to meet Christopher Priest again at NYCC. He didn’t get to talk much at the DC Rebirth panel and now I think it’s hard to not give him more respect.