The first volume gives us our first glance at the team up of Earth’s newest Green Lanterns, Simon Baz and Jessica Cruz.  Humphries has found a way to make a buddy cop story into DC’s Rebirth Universe. That being said, these are characters we know little about. Because of that, Humphries relies on exposition to let us know what they are thinking through the first six issues There’s also a signature opening I am ____ similar to Barry’s I am the fastest man alive.

That may get tired real quick and this isn’t necessarily for the impatient. They are rookies after all. However, these struggles are one of the many tests they have to face as they look to protect the planet. along with trying to worth with each other Their first obstacle is the Red Lanterns. They represent rage and feed off of it from their surroundings. With the rest of GLC in outer space, they want to take the opportunity to plant their seeds and create a planet filled with rage. Question is, how will Simon and Jessica fare?

The biggest draw and maybe turn off is that our newbies are flawed. They are still human and they deal with different issues. Jessica Cruz suffers from anxiety and has been stuck in her apartment for three years prior to this. Simon Baz was formerly in Guantanamo Bay, but was saved by the ring. He also carries a gun which is the first incidence I have seen of any hero carrying a firearm as a secondary choice. This volume looks to see how they deal with this as Green Lanterns. You wonder if they are truly capable and worthy. The rings choose them after all.

The story is ultimately about the potential of these heroes. That may reading this arc unsettling. I decided to revisit and it was better the second round. Last year, I wasn’t happy with the direction in my life and reading these struggles almost made me quit the series. If you don’t know the strength of Green Lanterns, it lies with their willpower. That’s what I needed more of and while I am far from perfect, I think that I have made better decisions and I owe it to their growth in future issues. The story gets tremendously better in the second volume, The Phanton Lantern.