I have been reading for maybe 16 months and it’s been a blast. The medium has brought me joy, excitement on Wednesdays, as well as other emotions. You can’t expect the hero to defeat the villain all the time. There are also completely different stories out there. But I digress.

The world of comics seems difficult to traverse. You may have questions such as  what’s in continuity. Will it be redundant if I watched the movie? Do I have to start from the beginning?

I think while these inquires have merit, they ultimately prevent new readers from taking any step further. I don’t expect the average person to have interest in reading through hundreds of the Amazing Spider-Man, Batman, or any household names to catch up. I am not at that level. While inconsistencies may bother you, it’s the singular, impacting events that matter most. Examples are the deaths of Uncle Ben and the parents of Bruce Wayne.

The biggest challenge we face as humans in this modern age, is it worth my precious time and my hard-earned money?

Comics are worth whatever sentiment attached to them while reading or holding them. That’s the type of bond you can share with these characters. Like any activity, this could be expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. You can take advantage of resources like the library including the digital app, Hoopla.  My local library has saved me hundreds of dollars I am sure. You can also bet on sales at your local comic shop, Barnes & Noble, and other online retailers (Midtown Comics/ebay), but you have to pay attention.

The other issue can be space. That can be minimized in one of two ways.

First, you can purchase trades over issues. Trades are paperbacks/hardcovers collecting full stories so that you don’t have to hunt down issues. Because of that, they don’t have the same collectors value. However, it’s the only way to read arcs without shelling out what could be exorbitant amounts of money.

Second, you can stick to digital format. I have used both, especially when I want to read the story but unsure if it’s worth the cost. Amazon/Comixology has amazing sales especially for Marvel. I was able to buy some stories for less than $5. Amazon Prime members have access to certain stories as well.

If you do choose to do the issue route, enjoy every single cover that artists has labored over and following from one month to the next. This is also the best way to keep up to date as trades are released well after to drive sales.

I’ll have to modify this after hearing from other people reading, but I hope this guide is at least somewhat helpful. My next post will provide suggestions for those who want to explore the origins of a characters and their first steps as a superhero. Sorry indie folks, I haven’t really gone that route yet.